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A Defeated Enemy is One Worthy of Even More Contempt

That’s the position of

“[Trump voters] rightly perceived him as a fellow victim of irrational, no holds barred, over the top assaults from paragons of “liberalism” who believe that traditional values are hateful, that verbal assaults, bullying and vandalism are justified “responses” to that claimed “hatred,” and that democracy itself must be subverted for the “greater good” which they alone can identify.

“These voters may well have chosen not to respond to polls, fearing for their own safety. They may have been justifiably reluctant to support Trump at all. Yet when the time for choosing arrived, the very rhetoric and behaviors designed to bully them into silence may well have inspired them to come out and stand against the relentless pursuit of liberalism over moral values and democracy.”

It’s not clear why Menken pulls his final punch here, using the insipid phrase “may well have inspired them,” because the rest of the piece shows no such moderation. Menken’s extrapolation, from a couple of (citation-less) anecdotes, to the blunt assessment that those not voting for Trump are vandals and bullies who hate “traditional” values is magnificent. Further, the addition of physically violent pollsters to the list of Those Who Persecute Us is a nice little thrust of the shiv.

For Menken, as it is for the rest of those in the Club for Hard-Right Prose, Clinton voters were the real tyrants and are therefore illegitimate.

And of course, once you delegitimize your enemy, he is no longer worthy of your attention, and you can, I suppose, move on to activities that have a higher moral purpose than listening to those who disagree with you.

However, that does raise the question: why write this piece at all, if your opponents have no legitimate place in the universe and anyway you just beat them?

Because Menken is really really mad. And because American Greatness needed  to fill its quota of bombastic rants for the day, or something .

And that is because American Greatness can only be achieved, of course, by painting those who disagree with you as black as possible, on the road to simply eliminating them entirely.